Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebrating The Goddess Within

The goddess depicts the timeless and immortal part that resides within. Through the cultural myths, story telling, art, photography and sculpture the goddess has been kept alive yet also seen as an unobtainable mysterious beauty.
So what is beauty? Beauty is symmetry, balance and awe inspiring that can be perceived as illusive, mysterious and unobtainable when misunderstood. Beauty is expressed in many forms such as the physical form, through the physical body, through a creative project, an invention, poetry, nature, intellect, wisdom, art, business, science and family etc. It is the order of chaos, the symmetrical aspect of life itself that does reside within everything and everybody.

I recently was a model for my sisters exciting Living Doll Photography’s “Goddess” Exhibition to be held in Newcastle on September 4th. Here the director of Living Doll (Melissa Histon) works creatively to capture the symmetry and beauty on a physical level.

The word “Beauty” is not limited to the outward physical appearance. Everyone demonstrates beauty in their life and in their own unique form. So if you think you don’t have beauty, look again! You do!

Here is a photo of my daughter and I just before the official shoot! To see more of Melissa’s work visit
www.livingdoll.net.au - Stay tunned for exhibition details!